WEB DESIGN IS BROKEN my name is Aaron Taylor and I’m helping
you to make better decisions and have better conversations when you’re buying
a website. Okay I want to shine a light on something that I think is quite
unique to my industry and something that I know that when we started Six Two
almost eight years ago now, we definitely took advantage of. Our industry is full of
amateurs. It is full of rank amateurs with the lowest possible barrier to
entry that you have ever come across. I mean it is obscene. So I was given a talk
the other day called ‘web design is broken; here’s how we fix it’ and this is
one of the points I’ve touched on so in my talk I said that it takes six
years to become a lawyer that’s just just to qualify as a lawyer just to
be able to practice law in the UK it takes six years three years in your
degree another year of like your legal practice course two years where you’re
actually working for a law firm actually like practicing law but that’s kind of
like under their tutelage what I said was that in in web design I think you
could set up a legitimate web design business in six days. I think you can do
it I think you can learn everything you can sign up for a Squarespace account
you can learn everything that you need to know about that you can get your
business cards printed and delivered you can make your own site you can make some portfolio pieces get yourself indexed on Google set up a virtual landline phone
number and get everything in place that you need to start selling websites that
and a laptop. That’s what we’re confronted as with as an industry now
I’m obviously not saying that we are all amateurs I would definitely
not consider myself or anyone on the team in Six Two as amateurs and actually
I hang out with other web design agencies guys I really respect that I
you know I love the work that they do they love the work that we do we get
together we share knowledge we share our experiences. Yeah,
we’re competitors yeah we pitch up against each other and yeah sometimes
you know we’ll bump into each other and be like oh hey I see you won the X, Y, Z pitch how did it go yeah blah blah this at the other it’s all fine and dandy but
the problem is is that with this low barrier to entry we see market
saturation we see everyone pitching up and touting themselves as some kind of
web designer we see companies that have no interests no space in web design
going oh yeah we’ll do web sites as well because it’s easy just because the tools
are easy to use them widely accessible. I mean paint brushes are easy to come by
so a paint it doesn’t mean we’re all artists all of a sudden. As a result
we’ve got an industry of of amateurs we’ve got a whole bunch of amateurs
trying to sell what we do and because they’re amateurs they don’t really
really understand the true value that their products and services bring to
their customers they really don’t understand it and so what happens is
they they say just sell on price and they sell on feature how many pages
you’re on and what colors do you want it to be and all of these things are just
consequentials by the by you know it’s it’s it’s not ever gonna help you and
your business get to where you want to be another thing that happens because
we’re amateurs is that we don’t spend enough time helping people understand
what it is we do how it can impact their business what sorts of problems we can
solve why it might be appropriate for you and why we might be the appropriate
company for you. We’ve got a whole generation a whole demographic of people of businesses of entrepreneurs that trying to buy web
design but struggling and failing ultimately because they don’t know the
fundamental questions to ask and they don’t know those questions because we
haven’t bothered giving those questions to you so there we go we’ve got an
industry of amateurs and the people that are suffering as a result of it are you
guys are you the customers our client and our target audiences these are these
are the people that are suffering and and this is why this is why I’m making
videos like this because I’m gonna shine a light on this and I want to help you
guys have better conversations and make better decisions when you’re buying
websites. Until next time


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