Web Development Tutorial (01) – Getting Started + Nav Bar

Hello everybody, my name is Tom and Iam the
lead developer at Studiofy. This is the beginning of a tutorial series that will walk you through
the basics of web development. So firstly we’re going to go to Google Chrome and you’re
going to find Brackets.io you can type it in or find it on Google. You’re going to come
to this page here and see “download brackets”, so you can click on that. You will get a downloader-an
installer sorry and you’re going to go through that setup. Once it’s installed it’s pretty
straight-forward you’ll have a program that looks like this, this
is Brackets. So when you start
it up for the first time you’re going
to need to
go to file, open folder, you’re going to need
to navigate to the folder that you want to use, so I’ll use tutorial code. You’re going
to select that. So at this stage we’re going to
teach you how to create a simple navigation bar. So to do that we’re going to need two files, you’re going to need an
index.html which is the main page.


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