Web Development Tutorial for Beginners No.3 – Style Attribute HTML

welcome to learn code this is part three
of learning HTML in this video we will learn HTML style attribute if you are
not yet watched part two either you watch the video or download the project
files links in the description so in the last video we learn about formatting
elements the HTML style attribute this attribute is used to setting the style
of an HTML element can be done with the style attribute the HTML style attribute
has the following syntax tag name style equals property value HTML background
color the background color property defines the background color for an HTML
element HTML funds the font-family property
defines the font to be used for an HTML element HTML text size the font size
property defines the text size for an HTML element HTML text color the color
property defines the text color for an HTML element HTML text alignment the text aligned
property defines the horizontal text alignment for an HTML element that’s it
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