“TO AN KY” – “The Time Adventure of TO AN” Episode. 4 Stop it! Off, turn off the music. Did everyone have breakfast? If not, get out & eat breakfast fast, I don’t wanna see this wriggle situation again … Where’s Bao Bao? Bao Bao! What did you choreograph that the dance group forgot many movements and the formation was too messy? I’ll fix it for you! Are you fixing the dance group or the phone? Oh, I’m filming so that they can check the formation, Sis. To adjust it evenly! Where’s the clip? Show me. What for, Sis? For me to see if you’re filming or playing game. You think you can fool me, Bao Bao? My God, dear me! Warning for the last time,
I’ll change the choreographer if you can’t do it. Yes … I’m sorry. Fix it! Yes! Let’s go, quick! Yesterday was fun, right? Oh, hi Sis! what’s this? … eh … eh … ? Hey, get your hand off me. What are you doing? Who are you? Why dragged me here? Ngoc Nga!
I’m To An, your “phu quan” (husband). Don’t you recognize me? Are you crazy? Let go of my hand! Ngoc Nga! Why are you treating me like this? What did I do wrong? Let go of my hand! Ngoc Nga … Get off! Ngoc Nga!!! Are you Ngoc Nga? You’re my “nuong tu” (wife)! Yes! I’m Ngoc Nga, but I’m not your wife,
I’m the director, OK? Ok ok? Why does everyone here say OK?
(He think “K”=Kê=Chicken) Vietnamese Accent What’s interesting about “Oh Chicken” that everyone says “Oh Chicken, Oh Chicken”? Are you crazy? Let go of my hand immediately!
Otherwise, I’ll call security! No! I won’t let go, because I don’t believe it! Security! Guard? Sis! Sis! Sis! Henry! Just on time! Call security for me!
This person, won’t let go of my hand. Get off! Oh … Boss …
Listen to me, this is Henry’s friend! Your friend? Are your friends always like this? Boss!!! Listen to me, my friend … is like this … And you!
I told you not to use those historical vocabulary already! Why did you say those? Go home now! This is Sis Ngoc Nga, my “Sep”. Understand?
Not whom you’re looking for! What? What monster is “Sep”? “Sep” is the one that has authority, the person who can tell Henry and everyone else here to work. Understand? So … like … “Chu”, right?
(“Chu”=Boss, but this is old word) Same same like that, but not your wife, ok? Boss … my friend … got accident, so that … But why does he use those historical vocabulary a lot? Could it be that he’s from the ancient world? Yes … … oh … he … is an ancient actor, so that … that … he speaks like that! What did you say? Him? An actor? Yes! Ah, moreover, he can …
do choreography, and … sing also. That much? He knows many things like that? Yes … Uhm … I’m sorry, because I was … rude. It’s ok! But don’t need to be too formal. I’m not used to it! Because … you … look like … “Vo” right?
“Vo”=Wife (Morden word) My “VO”!!! Anything can happen in life, much less people look alike. I was a bit over! I’m sorry also! Ah haha, so … … everything was just misunderstood, then please sympathize … Sis … don’t be too intense. Somehow, I see your Boss, the face … … uhm … anxious and sad? It’s Debt! DEBT ??? Because I’m impotent, not capable of attracting audiences to the theater. Don’t think like that! Not everything is your fault! You don’t understand, because I’m not talented … so … the theater stays the same … but if it’s like this all the time … maybe … … few more days and I’ll lose the theater, but … this is not people’s desire,
because … everyone is trying … It’s ok, Sis! Stop! If you don’t mind, I’ll do my best … to help you and this theater. You? Help me? What can you do? You wanna bet? Bet with you? Uhm …!!! What’s that? What did you just say? Let go of me! Your talk will kill me! Stop it, Henry! Yes …? You will deal with this! Me? Sis … Sis! I don’t know anything to deal with? What did you just say? 1,2,3,4 … Attention, everyone! Attention! I’ll announce one issue! From today, To An, will officially join our theater, with the role of assistant director. To An will stand in for me to handle every stage from setting up the theater to choreographing the acts. Everyone please happily cooperate and
let’s give a round of applause! What are you thinking? He’s absolutely not worthy as assistant director. His foolish head and many things he doesn’t know. Not to mention, he just got here, And look, he will deceive us, deceive this whole theater! I don’t agree! This is my decision.
Everyone just needs to do your job well. If not agree, doesn’t matter! I absolutely do not agree. Huh? How about everyone else? Do you agree? Agreed! All agreed, everyone agreed! Oh God, listen to me!
I think his technique is ok. Moreover, Nga’s idea is fit with everyone else here. And now, everybody, back to work,
follow the director’s arrangement. Sis Bella, are you crazy? What? I’m sorry, I mean “do you lose awareness?” Both are the same! Even you agreed, then where is this theater going? Where it is going is someone business. but your business, talking back, and opinion … means you’re going home,
understand? Honestly! Less is better! Hey … Go inside … and thank to Sis Beauty! Why do I have to thank for? Because Sis Beauty let you be the assistant director,
not everyone can be that. What is an assistant director? Assistant director… is the person who can represent the director to handle everything when the director is not here, understand? DAMN !!! That job in comparison with my talent is TRIVIAL. There’s nothing I need to say thanks. Your brain is broken! Let’s go! If you not, I do it !!! Anyway, congratulations! It’s like this for now … so … I don’t even know, things will be clear later on, to see … if all the plans work out. Why are you so pessimistic? Hả? I think all of your contributions are fresh, also … I think the audience will give positive feedback, don’t worry! Hope so … ! Here! What are you looking at? Is there something on my face? … hm … Nah !!! But To An, let me tell you something! I think … you shouldn’t be too friendly with everyone, just do your job! Got it? So … we don’t need to be close with each other also? No! That’s not what I said! My thought is that … you don’t need to be close to people in the troupe,
because they … are not that simple. I’m afraid that you might get in trouble. TO AN : But …
HENRY : Sis Ngoc Nga !!! Her mind is not that simple! Best way, you should only work with her. But can you tell me some information about … … the director? Me? No !!! Listen! I don’t know anything. I only think that … the higher the position of a person,
the more complexity in their mind. Therefore … you are better not involved much with them,
otherwise you’ll be used. Thank you … Ah! I have a piece of music, Really? Let me play it for you! Everyone, more focus! What kind of rehearsal is it?
Rehearsal time is in 30 mins! Nga !!! Couldn’t reach Henry by phone since this morning. What can we do now? It’s almost time for show testing.
And now he’s not here yet, and then how can the show be?
And not rehearsing with our singing group yet … Oh Sis! I told you already! Take it easy,
why are you acting like boiling water is on your body? What’s boiling water on me? It’s time for rehearsal now! But at this moment, the dance group and the singing group haven’t practiced with music. So what now? Ok ok ok! Let me call him! Toot – toot – toot, right? Oh my, damn! You shouldn’t worry too much,
maybe he’s riding the motorbike! My God, hope so, rather than sleeping at home,
I might bite my tongue till death! Oh? To An!!! did you see Henry? No! I have no idea, I left early this morning. Wait, what? What does go early go late mean?Didn’t you leave at the same time to be here? Why did one go before, one after? We had only 1 beer each yesterday! What? Oh my god! Show testing in the morning
and went drinking last night, why? Oh my god … damn …
maybe still sleeping … then … go to check … DAMN !!! He’s drunk maybe? Let me go home to take care of! No no no! Go to stage! I’ll take care of it! No … no … Certainly not, certainly not! Do the show testing immediately, I’ll take care of it! Go go !!! Oh my god !!! Going nuts? It’s time for rehearsal already and why are you late? I’m sorry Sis! Let’s go, show testing soon! Yes Sis … Oh !!! HENRY !!! Yes … What’s wrong with the music today? Usually it’s good. Why is it offbeat today? It’s true Bro! I lost the formation because of your offbeat music. It’s true Bro, you play kinda weird today,
it’s really unpleasant! Sorry everyone, let me do it again. Stop sorry, let’s focus, better play well next time. I got it! Dismiss! Continue tomorrow. So tiresome … Henry! Are you ok? I’m fine, just a bit tired. Let me take you to the hospital. No need … Or I’ll take you home? Already told you no need. That’s all! Where’s your boss? Give money back. Tomorrow is the deadline, why are you here today? We like to come early, so? Who are you? Oh Brothers! Please calm down, we will have a show tomorrow, after that I’ll collect the money and pay you back right away. You guys are so funny, showtime is tomorrow,
haven’t you sold the ticket already? I swear, I swear on my honor, after we finish tomorrow,
I’ll collect the money to pay all at once. Hey, we need the money, not the honor. Let’s go! This guy is dreadful, Bro! Let’s leave, go, go! We visit tomorrow! I’ll come back tomorrow! No problem! To An, where’s Henry? I handed him this one but he disappeared? I have no idea! Maybe … he just left. My god! This theater is like a supermarket,
go in go out disrespectfully! Uhm … maybe he was tired! So he left early. I also think … you’re the same also! I didn’t do anything to get tired. Stop it! The answer is on your face! Eh, where are we going? Let go of my hand! How are you doing? Still worrying about the show? Yes! Because this is an important show for the theater, it will determine whether the theater will survive or not. Partly, the youth nowadays only watch on the phone, they’re starting to forget about theater. It’s also about the quality of all the acts if they are outstanding or not, to win the audience back to theater. I believe, with all of our dedication and trying, we will surprise the audience and they will come back to Ngoc Nga Theater. It’s true also … Not right! You’re hiding something from me, right? Hey To An !!! Truthfully, where did you come from? HENRY : “I already told you,
cannot tell who you really are.” You knew already, I’m from Saigon. I’m not joking with you! Come on … Leave this aside! Now focusing on the show first, whether the show succeeds,
I promise I will let you know. That’s ok also! Why are you staring at me? You! What’s up? Not feminine, therefore no gentleman wants you? What? You said that I’m a F.A (spinster)? Not true, I have a crush! What? K … Ket … Ket right? … Ket?
(Vietnamese Accent) Not “Ket” but “Crush” Cr … us … sh … Crush! Crush … What monster is it? “Crush” is someone that we like,
but they haven’t known that we like them yet. Therefore … “Crush” means that … AH !!! I forgot one important thing at the theater, I have to go now. You … should go home and rest! You look shabby, show tomorrow! I take off now! A … uhm … Hey, To An Bro, why are you here? I thought you should be at the theater
with the director now? Ngoc Nga is under pressure! I took her around to freshen up! Ah, Nhu!!! On Ngoc Nga face, I saw her so shabby, and … look closely, there are too many acnes. Do you have any product that can help her? Dear Bro … told that “manly woman” many times, to use this and that but she never would. Just tell me! Isn’t it me who is the most famous person of the theater that can always convince Ngoc Nga? Oh yes! Suddenly I forgot that! I have an idea! Follow me! Here! Introducing to you, these are the acne special treatment products! Especially this one! “Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement” – reduce 55% in 6 weeks. Wait a minutes! Are you sure that you can convince her to drink for 6 weeks? Because I think 1 week is tensed for her already! I CAN !!! To be acknowledge, those products are really good! This “XE-RUM”! Stop! What did you just say? XE-RUM!!! Not right !!! This is “Serum”! “SERUM” Why is it so difficult to communicate in this era? Now give me … ALL .. this whole set. Bring to the theater for me tomorrow,
I myself will give & force her to use. But now I have to go back to the theater,
I forgot some stuff there. Oh … Ok, just go! I’ll take care of everything else! My customer service, really devoted and prestigious.
Trust me, go go! Bye bye Bro! OK !!! My choreography for EVA, do you remember? Bro … Nice choreography … But too difficult … Uhm …. … no worry! I … have an appointment with everyone that after work, we will gather at Chau’s house to practice again.
Tomorrow we’ll do our best. Uhm !!! Oh??? You … you forgot something at the theater, right? Go now! Otherwise … Don’t forget anymore, just a few things but still!
Go now! My god, really! Just a few things and still forgot!


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