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Website design, well, yes we can help you.
Website design is not our main service that we offer here at Limitless. We’ve
been in website design for 15 years I think now, and part of what I like to do
for clients is help them dominate their market, and a new website might do that
for you. A lot of the website designers I know, you know a lot of them are one-man
bands and I don’t want to bemoan them you know a lot of them do a really good
job. But where we come at it from is from a marketing perspective so, we try and
look at how your website is going to convert. You know when you get people on
that site is it going to generate an inquiry, is it going to get you a phone
call and how your customers going to feel when he sees the image of your
business. You know a lot of that comes down to, I see a lot of sites built with
stock photography now, we have our own in-house photography team and
videographers you know, so we have guys that go out and we’ll make video and
take some photography for you and that makes all the difference, it can make a
massive difference. So, if you’re thinking about having your site redesigned you
know, by all means speak to a lot of different people. I would love to quote
you a price because I am absolutely certain we’ll be better value for money,
but when I talk to you about Web Design it will include me talking about how we
want to market your business going forward. And that’s the one criminal
offense I see with a lot of web designers is they’ll build you a
lovely-looking site, but they’re not going to tell you how to get the traffic
to it going forward so, and that we can definitely do. So, if you want to get in
touch please give us a call using the number above on the website or if you
want fill in the form and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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