Website navigation design with Menu Item Extras Drupal module

The Menu Item Extras module allows to add fields to menu links. Let’s go to Structure — Menus and select the menu we want to add extra fields to. We click “Manage fields” and add an image field to our Main Navigation. We can leave the standard field settings as defaults. By clicking “Manage display,” we can configure the field’s display. We hide the field label and select a special image style so all menu images look uniform. Let’s find out Main Navigation menu in Structure — Menus. We’re gonna add a link to it that now have an image field. We specify the link title, provide an existing content URL, make sure the parent link is Main Navigation, and add an image with ALT. We’re gonna repeat the procedure with a few more links. Let’s check the website’s front page now and see how our main navigation design looks now. It is enriched with images and is much more enticing for visitors. Good luck with your menu creation and never hesitate to contact our Drupal team!

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