Website Video Presentation For Freelancing Website | JobAuctions

Meet Kristina a busy wife mother, and full-time
professional. Kristina needs her house cleaned but doesn’t have the time or energy to
do it. She wants to hire a cleaning person with a good reputation but doesn’t want
the hassle of calling around for estimates. Kristina discovers an
awesome website called where she
post an ad for a house cleaner. Individuals and Companies bid on
kristina’s house cleaning ad and compete for her business, giving her
the best prize kristina then selects a bidder based on
his or her price and review score. The bidder is notified by email and text
message that Kristina has hired him or her and to contact kristina to begin
the work. Job Auctions helps people save time, money find work and
advertise their businesses. You can post unlimited jobs for free. Workers find
jobs, choose their pay and when they want to work ! Job Auctions “helping the economy one job at a time”


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