WHAT I’M DOING DIFFERENTLY: Starting over and rebranding my business

Hey, guys. Welcome back to my channel, the number one
place for female entrepreneurs who want to master their mindset and grow a lifestyle
based business. In today’s video, I’m going to talk about
why I decided to completely start over from scratch and rebrand my business. I’ll also be giving you 10 things that I’m
going to be doing differently this time around. I started my first business back in 2017 when
I was working at a job that I absolutely hated and I was just trying to do anything to get
out of that job and I honestly made so many mistakes and there are a lot of things that
I would do differently, which I actually am going to do differently this time around. When I started, I decided I wanted to do web
design because I actually enjoy creating and designing websites. But because I was so willing to take on any
type of client, I was doing a lot more than web design work. I was attracting so many low end clients that
I wasn’t really making the money that I wanted to make. So I basically took a sabbatical from my business
and I decided I wanted to completely start over from scratch to build a business that
I was 100% proud of and one that I didn’t feel like it turned into a job that I was
hating all over again. The number one thing that I’m doing differently
this time around is being 100% clear on who it is that I want to serve. I feel like this is where I went wrong last
time because I was just so willing to take on any and every client without actually stating
who it is that I’m serving and what I can do for them. So this time around making sure that my marketing
is very specific about who it is that I’m helping and how I can help them achieve transformations
in their life. The second thing that I’m doing differently
this time, it’s focusing on one signature program that I can tweak and refine over and
over again so I can make sure that I’m constantly getting results from my clients and improving
my customer experience. I personally feel like focusing on one program
and being known for that one program will actually help you reach your income goals
faster, The next thing is definitely focusing on my email list. Honestly, when I started my business a few
years ago, starting an email this was not at the top of my to do list and I 100% regret
not having that email list because you honestly do not own these social media platforms. One day, Instagram can shut down and you basically
lose all those followers and you now have no more leads for your business. Whereas if you have an email list, you own
that list and you can continuously reach out to those people to continue to make money
in your business. So that’s something that I definitely will
be doing differently this time is starting to email lists. The next thing is to only focus on revenue
generating activities. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve caught
myself just constantly strolling through Instagram, through Facebook instead of focusing on things
as actually bringing money into my business. Revenue generating activities may look different
for every business, but for my business, it definitely involves me creating content that
drives more traffic to my website. I also think that it’s very important to hire
a business and a mindset coach. I will a hundred percent believe that it’s
very important to hire the help you need when you’re starting to online business, and even
if you’re seasoned in business, it’s still important to have someone there to support
you and to see your blind spots. Although, I know a lot about business through
experience in my educational background, I still feel like it’s important for me to hire
a business and a mindset coach. Number one, because again, a business coach
helps you see your blind spots, helps you remain consistent and give you tough love
when you need it. Hiring a mindset coach is important because… And as a business owner, you’re going to constantly
be tested with your mindset. You want to constantly be comparing yourself
to other creators, other entrepreneurs. So having a mindset coach there to help guide
you through these mindset blocks that you’re having, as well as limiting beliefs, it makes
a world of a difference. This time around, I’m only going to be focusing
on two social media platforms instead of trying to be everywhere all at once. One for long form content which would be YouTube
and another short form content which is Instagram. I feel like only focusing on two social media
platforms allows you to get laser focused instead of getting distracted by all of these
other platforms. One of my main reasons for focusing only on
two social media platforms this year is so that I can build a community. That is something that is very, very important
to me this year, is to actually focus on building relationships and community instead of just
treating subscribers and followers just as a number. I really want to form genuine relationships
with you guys and have conversations and just really get to know you guys. Just having like a overall supportive community
where you guys help each other out and support each other’s businesses, that is a community
that I want to cultivate on my channel. Which leads me to my question of the day,
let me know down in the comments; what would you do differently of you can start completely
over from scratch in your business? I’m also making it priority to outsource in
my business. I’m a firm believer that you cannot build
an empire alone. You need help. Once my new business reaches a point where
I’m ready to outsource, I will definitely be hiring a team. I thought about what it is I want my business
to look like and I honestly don’t want a super huge team. I want a small, but mighty team that can help
me reach my income goals. But one thing I know for sure is when you
hire the right team, you can grow a lot faster than you can alone. I’m also making a priority to build genuine
relationships with other online entrepreneurs because again, online entrepreneurship can
be very lonely. So I feel like it’s very important to make
friends with other entrepreneurs who actually get what you’re going through, who understand
why you made the sacrifices that you make and do things that you do. I feel like once you have that, you have a
business bestie, things would be so much easier and you will be less tempted to give up instead
of pushing on towards your goals. The very last thing that I’m doing differently
this time around is diversifying my income. I want to focus only on one signature product,
but I also want to focus on affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and even Adsense. So if you’d like this video, please don’t
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