What Type of Virtual Team Members Should You Have In Your Business

I’m sure when you first started thinking about growing your business and you thought about building a virtual team the first person you thought to bring on was a web designer or programmer. That’s rather obvious but there are some other team members you may want to consider adding to your team. You don’t necessarily need them all in the beginning or even all of the ones I mention. So pick the ones that you feel you need based on your strategy. Remember when we talked earlier on about recognizing your weaknesses. Certain virtual team members can help you fill the gaps so you can focus on what your best at while allowing them to focused on what they’re best at. That’s a huge time saver and since time is money. You guessed it there’s more money to be made with that time. Before we look at the different team members let’s quickly review which roles you’ll need to have filled. Of course one person can take on more than one role. And in this case it will probably be you. First you have strategy and planning. Who is going to be the person in charge of creating your teams process your workflow process your communication process. Who will be responsible for evaluating what’s working and what’s not. This could be you or this could be a project manager if you hire someone to help you. Which brings me into project management. This is a person who will be overseeing projects being available for questions and from feedback from the different team members. Again this could be you or the project manager you bring on. Of course you’ll need the designer you’ll need the programmer. And if you expand your services you’ll need more roles like SEO specialist content producer etc.. You may also want to consider bringing on a marketing expert. If that’s not something you feel is your strength or it’s not something that you like to do. Of course marketing is going to be essential in a successful web design business. So this is not your strength. You can choose to bring somebody on. You also need somebody such as an accountant who can handle your books handle invoicing taxes etc.. Now if you assign yourself the role of project manager and the accountant and the marketer and the designer you have to understand that you’re going to get spread thin across all of those roles. Now business owners have to take on multiple roles and that’s OK but do what is easy for you do follow your strengths and if you’re not very good at something it’s OK we’re not all good at everything. So hire somebody free up your time. The more people you can bring in. This is where your time is going to get freed up or it’s going to get bogged down. So really think about your time commitment. When you pick who’s going to handle which role. So identify what you need done. Identify what you’re good at and what you can or you want to allocate to others and then begin hiring those particular workers.

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