What’s the Coolest Employee Benefit You’ve Ever Heard Of?

Welcome, and thank you for joining me on this guided meditation about gratitude. We’ll start by focusing on all the things that benefit you in life. Hmm… Things that benefit me… My health insurance, working remotely, and being able to meditate at work is pretty nice. When growing a business, recruiting and retaining exceptional talent is crucial. And it takes more than just a decent salary to meet expectations. But there’s good news: companies are paying attention, and offering more benefits and perks. So, I asked some of the people around the office: What are some of their favorites? The best benefit at my workplace is probably the ability to work remote; as you can see, I’m remote right now. I think it’s really important to be able to support employees in wherever their life takes them. Most people’s lives and careers don’t follow super linear paths anymore, so having the ability to work remote makes it so much easier to continue to grow in my role, while also having the flexibility to live and work wherever is right for me. So, one of my favorite perks is that we can bring our dogs to the office, and also it’s amazing because they now offer pet insurance, which is really great. It’s awesome because I don’t have to worry about her getting sick or hurt, and she can come with me to the office on some days. I think it’s important that companies
offer a diverse benefit package, because you’re really not gonna get
the talent pool that you need. Everybody’s life is different, and you might not be able to get a
really great employee without them. Come here, you’re okay! [Kisses] I know, this is so cute! I’d say the coolest perk that I have is having free food in the office. It’s great because it’s super convenient, I don’t have to leave the office, I don’t have to pay for anything, so I save my money that I’m earning. And there’s such a variety; I don’t get tired of it, I can continuously have food
from my work every single day. Mother’s rooms really do make
it easier to be present at work. I think a lot of times, motherhood comes at a
really crucial time in your career. At that point, your career is really, like – you’re doubling down on that, but you’re also now doubling down on being a mother. And so, you need that extra time, you need that flexibility, and you need those resources. One of the benefits I really
like here at HubSpot is the Continuing Education benefit. So, what that allowed me to do was to be able to take classes at General Assembly; there I learned about front-end development and JavaScript, which really
helped me improve those skills. I think it’s really important that companies offer a diverse set of benefits to their employees, because people need different
things to grow their career. And it doesn’t end there! Employers are offering an
ever-expanding list of perks and benefits. Like…gym memberships! This not only attracts top talent, but gives employees what they need in a growing workplace. Gotta go!

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