Windows keyboard shortcuts – Windows keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work flow

Hi Guys this is Jamie from and here’s a short video just to highlight some of Windows
great keyboard shortcuts these shortcuts should work on most versions of windows
all the way from XP up to 10 using windows keyboard shortcuts can really
increase your productivity when you’re working on a Windows machine and so I’m
going to roll through a few of my favorites here and there will be a PDF
of various shortcuts for you to download afterwards so I hope you find this
useful okay so the first thing we’re going to do I’m just going to create a
blank folder here I didn’t might want to cool that ok
inside this folder let’s create another folder moment one quite the first thing we need to do
we’re going to copy that folder let’s make these icons a bit bigger first so
you can see what’s going on better we’re going to copy this folder using a
keyboard shortcut ctrl C just select it and hit control C and then ctrl-v to
paste it and i’ll hit that again and make another copy ctrl V to make another
copy ctrl V as many as you want okay so let’s just name these two
quickly we need something just highlight it and hit f2 I line it hit f2 once it’s
rename the jamster correct position there highlight f to rename last one
number four here so that’s copying the pasting in it what we can do is select a
couple of these and hit ctrl x that will cut them to leave a little blurry there
go into a folder and hit control V and paste them and again in peace as many
copies as you want so what that’s done let’s begin what that’s done it’s taking
our two from here and we just pasted them inside there now if you wanted to
have them in both places you just select them ctrl-c to copy as we were doing
before and control V will paste them back where they were now I undo
something quickly you can kick control Z or Zed now we’ll get rid of those and if
you change your mind you want to redo it control why once you bring them back
there there this works just as well with text if we go in here let’s create a
text document if we are crap just type something there as you can see this works just as easily
with words as it does with folders and files of anything you want these are
common commands so if we just cut that and ctrl v paste it on the end there and
again we can copy ctrl C and ctrl V to paste and again and again as many times
do you want to do it now if you’ve got your cursor on the end of a word you can
press ctrl and then the arrow keys it’ll take you back the beginning of each word
if you push the other way it’ll take you to the next beginning word now if you
take your finger off the control and just do that it’ll take you one step at
a time or one letter at a time that’s quite useful and now if we wanted to
save that ctrl s to save I just bring that up again alt and f4 that’s another
way of closing it with a keyboard shortcut if you’ve got multiple things
going on on your computer many programs and screens over once you can hit alt
and tab and then we’ll just let you scroll through your open programs there
and get to whichever one you decide you want to go to so if we go back now if
you got a lot of programs open again and you decide I’ve got to get to my desktop
get to a shortcut quickly and what the Windows key and the letter D will take
you straight back to your desktop there of course another useful shortcut is
just the Windows key which will bring up your windows menu right there and hit it
again to close it course ctrl alt and delete that will
open your task manager or this panel here where you can start your task
manager and diagnose stuff that’s going on with your computer here it’s really
useful and the Windows key + L all of your screen so if you’re working in your
office you have to walk away you’ve got some sensitive data on there or
something you can just quickly do that come back and I’m sure your machine will
probably have a password on it just like in again but if you suddenly get call
away from your desk or whatever lets you useful one and there’s many many more I
hope that’s been useful to you like I say there’ll be a list of them down
below and if you learn these things they really will help you out you’ll get a
lot more done on your computer in a short space of time so I hope that’s
been useful to you once again this is ben Jamie from system 22 and great web
design com thanks for watching have a great day

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