Yamaha RIVAGE PM10: Rupert Comp Plugins

Hi, Kevin Kimmel with Yamaha Commercial Audio. I thought I’d give you a quick look at the really cool Rupert Neve compressors and limiters that are built in the RIVAGE PM10. So let’s take a look. We’ll start with the Rupert Comp 754.
This represents a compressor that he was making in the 70’s. This is a classic piece, it’s got a really warm sound to it that is unlike anything else. There’s a wide variety of adjustments on here, you’ve got a BLEND feature that allows you to basically blend wet and dry. You can change your response from normal to fast, you can look at and change your meter, of course you can run it as a compressor, limiter. The ASSIST button here adds these numbers so you can control it with the encoders below the screen. The numbers correspond to the encoders here so you can choose which set of knobs from the screen you want to bring down here. Or we can just use TOUCH AND TURN as you know. So, this is a vintage piece and the same guys that did our modeling of his transformer at the front end of the desk also put together this guy, and man it’s really special. And we’ve got Rupert’s signature on it. We have it because of how accurate our modeling is with our Virtual Circuitry Modeling. So when you get a chance, take a listen to Rupert 754. Now let’s take a look at a compressor that represents what Rupert was doing in the 80’s. So up on the screen I’ve got the Rupert Comp 830. There’s some really cool things with this compressor that you should consider, such as the side chain filters. And that is, you’ve got a HPF and LPF as well as for the side chain, you’ve got a mid-band filter and you can go in and adjust how much you want it to affect your side chain. You’ve got a dedicated gain reduction meter on this unit. Of course we can bypass the unit and still get the warmth of the transformer, and we have an auto-release that you can use as well.
So, another great piece from Rupert. Now let’s take a lot at the Portico5043 that we’ve got within the system here. Of course we’ve seen it in CL before and QL, but it’s here as well. The really cool thing about the 5043 is you can run it a couple of different ways. We’ve got the feedback and feedforward button here. When it’s in the feedforward mode it works like a lot of modern day compressors and when it’s in this feedback mode, it’ll add some tonal qualities to the source that can be pretty darn desirable. So the 5043 is just one of the three limiter/compressors that we’ve got here from Rupert Neve, available inside the plugins rack inside every RIVAGE PM10, allowing you to shape your mix and your tones however you want.

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