Yo! S1 E23 – Free Vector Icons, The Doodle Library, CSS Stack Game, Streamline v3

Yo! friends – its Rob for One Page Love – this week I’m covering Streamline Icons, a CSS-only game, a free doodle library
and more in the design and development space. A big shout-out to this week’s
show sponsor Flywheel managed WordPress hosting once your site is up they take
care of everything from nightly backups speed optimization security and more. A quick announcement I’ve launched two brand-new video series on my youtube
channel first is called feedback for coffee and it’s a landing page critique
series where I scroll through landing pages while giving constructive feedback
second up is a series where I review design developments and productivity
tools so if you watch either PLEASE send constructive feedback as I want the new
video series to be packed with value and just a routine reminder that everything
I mentioned is blogged in robhope.com/yo so sit back relax and enjoy the show! streamline have just launched version 3
of their library which now boasts an impressive 30,000 icons in sketch PNG
and SVG formats the version 3 release took over a year with seven designers
clocking more than 10,000 hours the full download includes three weights and is
priced at $200 but if you want a taste of the quality they offer a hundred icon
freebie if you’re willing to sacrifice her email address in vision studio
design leader and youtuber Pablo Stanley has announced that this Sunday August
4th he kicks off a brand-new design related weekly live show called the late
night design show episode 1 features a great mix of design industry
heavyweights that I’m sure will inspire and uplift your Sundays before kicking
of the week daddy bender has started the doodle library a growing collection of
simple drawings in SVG format they are completely free to use in your work and
if Instagram is your jam you can follow new doodles over there too and lastly a
quick mention that Apple has announced their design resources section now
includes a full set of app kits UI elements for designing Mac OS apps in
sketch and Photoshop you inspired by catch apps popular stack
game developer Ben Sabo penned a CSS only version the goal is to build the
highest stack possible with a maximum of 50 gos developer guilhom Rizzo has
released CSS scan a useful Chrome extension that allows a faster CSS style
inspection than the native inspection tools it’s 4 bucks or more
I just bought a copy and so far so good Guilhem also recorded himself coding the
app from the very first line right to the end spanning 50 hours and 17 minutes
with 24,000 github stars you’ve probably heard of full-page dodge as well this
week owner Alvaro trigger has released react full-page the official react to
wrapper component for full-page Diaz and lastly our show sponsor flywheel managed
WordPress hosting has released this insightful free guide with 8
straightforward steps you can use to increase your WordPress sites
performance and speed it covers every best WordPress performance practice from
optimizing web assets like images JavaScript and CSS to performing a
comprehensive plug-in audits so before you add a ton of sketchy plugins I’d
honestly recommend giving this a 5 minute read it’s going to save you a ton
of time down the line check out this unique photo series by
Aidan poetess where he uses a drone 3d rendering and Photoshop to create warped
interstellar esque views of the world according to Wired magazine Aidan won’t
reveal how many photos it takes to stitch together but each image takes
hours of work artist Giovanni cantata creates unique portraits using
approximately 700 Rubik’s cubes if you’re impressed by his work you can
follow his instagram account link below where you can see all his new portraits
and lastly photographer lucas zimmerman has published these gorgeous long
exposure shots in this minimal traffic light series lucas says the unknown hue
of the blueish lights is hidden from the human eye but photography can show us
things we otherwise overlooked such as simple traffic lights on the street designer kayo Condor has released serif
font called chamoy yo the stylish typeface features additional ligatures
and is available for personal and commercial use designer and illustrator
on Mira go Curran has released a hundred and fifty lovely vector icons over on a
Beyonc the icons are pay what you want and come in AI EPS and PNG formats
designer and coder Lucas has started releasing regular vector art
illustrations covering several categories the illustration styles vary
but maybe there’s something in here for your next project and it’s great to know
that they’re all under the awesome MIT license and lastly Frazer prints
captured all the type on the wheelie bins in his road to create this
hilariously unique font called rubbish I can actually see this font being perfect
for death threats ransom notes or even horror film posters that’s it for yo 23 just a final shout
out to this week’s show sponsor flywheel managed wordpress hosting if you enjoy
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and I’ll see you in the next one


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